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TrackStar Navigations (P) Ltd. was founded in 2010, and is a privately-held company headquartered in New Delhi, Center of India . The Trackstar’s team is committed to providing quality tracking systems that integrate seamlessly with your everyday business operations, backed by reliable service and customer support. Customers can contact Trackstar’s with questions regarding their vehicle tracking systems and a real, live person will assist you. With more than 05 years of vehicle tracking service, the Track star’s staff has the experience and know-how to provide effective tracking solutions for any industry.

At TrackStar Navigations (P) Ltd., we don’t stop with just GPS. Our GPS Tracking System provides a total of three methods for determining and reporting tracking location data.

Our GPS Tracking System provides location data using both GPS along with cellular technology, which we have programmed to provide for cell tower triangulation or Advanced Forward Link Triangulation (AFLT). While it is usually necessary to connect with three cell towers for the most accurate cellular location data, should this not be possible, location data at that moment will be provided from the nearest cell, which we have programmed as our third method of reporting location data.

With TrackStar Navigations (P) Ltd., you know that you’re getting the most accurate tracking location data available because we provide three methods for determining “the location of whatever you're tracking!”

For more information about TrackStar Navigations (P) Ltd. and affordable vehicle tracking solutions, contact: TrackStar Navigations (P) Ltd. Pvt Ltd.

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For more information about TrackStar Navigations (P) Ltd. and affordable vehicle tracking solutions, contact: query@query@trackstar

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To request a return authorization for either warranty or non-warranty hardware repair service, please print out and complete an RMA Request Form and Dispatch to courier it to Company. Normal response time for a submitted request is typically two business days.

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